The Billion Oyster Project

Reintroduction, purification and storm prevention.

The Billion Oyster Pavilion joins two of Governor’s Island most exciting enterprises: Figment’s City of Dreams and The New York Harbor School’s Billion Oyster Project. The pavilion will be constructed entirely from materials used by the Billion Oyster Project (BOP).

Step 1

Reef Balls

Two sizes of Reef Balls are cast from a special concrete mixture with an oyster shell aggregate and an appropriate PH for New York Harbor.

Step 2


The Reef Balls are stacked to form the base of the pavilion. Steel rebar is threaded through holes cast into the Reef Balls.

Step 3

Making the canopy

The canopy is made of assembled clusters of rebar triangles. They are connected together with plastic ties to create a redundant structural network similar to a dome.

Step 4

Providing Shade

Marine Line is woven between the rebar triangles to create shade and shadow inside the pavilion.

Did you know that in 1609 New York Harbor held 220,000 acres of Oyster Reef?

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