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Who is BanG?

For us, the ultimate power of design is its ability to effect change in the world
BanG studio is the collaboration between Babak Bryan, AIA and Henry Grosman. We are Columbia University trained architects with a combined 20+ years of experience. Since forming BanG in 2012 we have already built several temporary pavilions. Our diverse backgrounds in engineering and computer science have allowed us to leverage advanced design and fabrication techniques in our projects. For us, the ultimate power of design is its ability to effect change in the world. Much of our work layers many simple processes to create complex constructs that generate sensation, mood, feeling, and atmosphere. We produce spaces and objects that make visitors stop, take notice of the world around them, and see it in a new way. We believe the power to provide novel types of experience and meaningful social interaction is the most potent element that defines us as practitioners. With this pavilion, we hope to generate memorable moments for over 200,000 visitors that will ultimately increase the public’s understanding of our harbor. BanG has been published in the Architectural Review, Damn, MARK, and Contract. Projects have been featured in the New York Times, New York Magazine, USA Today and Architecture and Art among other newspapers, magazines, and journals. BanG has won several awards, including the People’s Choice Sukkah of the City of New York, presented by Mayor Bloomberg in 2010.

Who is Billion Oyster Project?

Billion Oyster Project (BOP) is a long-term, large-scale plan to restore one billion live oysters and 100 acres of oyster reefs to New York Harbor by 2030.In the process, they will educate thousands of young people in New York City about the ecology and economy of their local marine environment. BOP is a partnership of schools, businesses, nonprofits, and individuals all working together to grow oysters and make our city a healthier and more resilient place to live. Harbor School is the production hub for the BOP. Harbor School’s hatchery grows more than 10 million oysters annually and its students are the scuba divers, marine biologists, vessel operators, underwater engineers, and marine technicians that sustain the Project and its ongoing habitat restoration initiatives.

Latest News & Articles:

Latest News & Articles: