Coral Farming: A Hope for the future?

Coral Farming: A Hope for the future?


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Bleached Coral. The sight of it brings a sinking feeling to the stomach. Is this all we are headed for?

With the ocean temperature increasing, coral finds it hard to adjust and acclimatize to the warmer temperatures, and ceases to thrive and live. Causing the ghostly white bleaching effect.

Scientists have come up with a way to potentially re grow these coral reefs, and this is called a Coral Farm.

Coral Farm Setup

Aqua Cora Farms are generally made underwater, in salt water, with pieces of rope or a frame. This method of actually growing the coral is slow , and needs months of supervision, and monitoring of light and water flow. The coral is then taken to the place it is needed and will aim to protect or take over from the existing/bleached coral. This method is mostly for smaller scale projects, and is not that sustainable given the current rate of ocean warming.

coral farming
coral farming

Micro Fragmenting

These fragments of coral, or micro fragments, are often taken from a piece of living coral, and much like a plant can clone into their own plant. The coral farming technique Micro fragmentation is faster, and is able to be done on land, with the options of growing different species and types. The idea is much like splicing different varieties of trees together – the coral once it has grown will merge together and create a larger section and so on and so forth.

This is a way to grow coral in months not years – Coral Vita

There is also some element of protecting the coral while it is on land. This method is called assisted evolution, and aims to make the coral more resistant to temperatures, acidity, and other condition changes. Coral frag farms should be celebrated as a scientific breakthrough. This means it also provides coral reef farming jobs and more.

Ultimately; fighting the issue of climate change as a whole is the only way to try and revert and stop more damage, but this is a noble and good effort made by these marine scientists trying to fight back and save an entire ecosystem. But this gives us hope at least that people are trying to do the right thing and protect vital ecosystems.

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