Urban Beekeeping: Save Our Bees!

Urban Beekeeping: Save Our Bees!


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Urban Beekeeping: Fad or rad?

We hear a lot these days about the bees dying due to a range of strains that the modern world is placing upon them.

Firstly: Pesticides

Second: the lack of wildflower meadow/flowering plants that have been removed due to development.

Third: Various other factors.


What can I do?

There are a few ways to promote Bees in your area. One is planting flowers, this could be one of the best ways.

The other is Beekeeping. Becoming a Beekeeper is not easy, it requires some teaching, training and learning on the job. Beekeeping supplies are readily available from your local beekeeping society, or even online.

First you will need:

  • Beekeeper Suit
  • Beekeeping starter kit
  • Beekeeper costume
  • Beekeepers Naturals

If you cant find all of this stuff: try looking for Beekeeping supplies near me. There you are likely to find a range of things.

This is a way to really boost the bees in your area and beyond (2 mile radius!). This also emphasizes the point why pesticides are so dangerous. Bees are, after all, insects at the end of the day and if any one person in a two mile radius decides to spray their garden or yard, you may have a total disaster.

Where can I get involved in beekeeping?

There are a lot of associations and societies you can visit and attend to learn more about how to help bees in your area.

Western New York Beekeepers – These guys have their own honey producing association and more. Great to keep in touch with beekeeping in New York state area, especially because people will have experience in your area and be going through the same weather conditions, and climate as yourself so may have some useful tips and tricks in your area.

New York City Beekeepers Association – These guys are great and will show you how to get your new York state beekeeping grant. They will also teach you about new York state beekeeping laws, as well as helping you find any beekeepers in new York. Sometimes you just have to know where to look.

New York State Beekeepers association are a great organisation, and a friendly bunch which will be more than willing to help you get started and even have a mentor for your beginning bee keeping years. They will also help you find beekeeping suppliesĀ  New York.

Beekeeping Classes NY

Find some classes for Beekeeping in these towns and cities within NY:

Beekeepers in Rochester NY

Beekeepers in Niagara County NY

Beekeeping Classes Albany NY

Beekeeping Rochester NY

Beekeeping Buffalo NY

Beekeeper Queens NY

If you are looking to attend a class, we also have Beekeeping classes New York. A lot of master beekeepers recommend you do this stage first to learn about the theory before you set off on your journey. Bees in New York should be abundant, and it is our mission to encourage young beekeepers of all ages to get started.

Interestingly, Honeybees are not native to the Americas, and were brought over by European settlers. A lot of native species have now since been wiped out by pesticides and other events, which makes the honey bee essential to the pollination, and the worlds food supply. Especially because the food that the settlers brought over requires to be pollinated by the honey bee in order for it to produce a harvest and a crop. This means the honey bee is essential to modern life as we know it and we must be more aware of the harrowing effect that pesticides, insecticides and GMO plants are having on our honeybee population.

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