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Wave Energy


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Wave Energy

Harnessing Ocean Wave Energy

Why do we not utilize renewable energy?

Why is wave energy so under researched, under valued and under used?

I guess it’s because our president likes to cut renewable energy funding. This being said. Why?

Renewable energy is, well, renewable, free and low maintenance.

Water wave energy is great.

How Does Wave Energy Work?

wave energy
wave energy

This is an example of a vessel that transferred wave energy into potential, stored energy. The movement of the wave makes this oscillate and move, turning a turbine, and storing the energy. There are a lot of different designs in wave energy harnessing, and a lot of styles. Some are more effective than others. Hydro wave energy seems like a vital untapped resource with no negative factors.

Wave Energy Buoy how it works

There are oscillating water column wave energy converters too, unlike the image above, these are fixed to the ocean floor and float at the surface. As they float around and twist from the ocean waves, the oscillation turns a turbine. Water wave energy needs to be invested in now, and more wave energy conferences attended and learnt about. What is wave energy and how exactly it works.

Wave Energy Definition

Where do waves get their energy?

Wave energy uses the Moon, the Ocean and our own gravity to utilize the tides, and the natural power of the ocean to generate energy. Ocean wave energy is heavily powerful, and reliable! Compared to wind and solar.

The energy that produces ocean waves comes from?

Gravity. It is gravity from the Moon that controls the waves, and the tides. Therefore it is free, and here forever…

Tidal wave energy and wave and tidal energy deserve to be funded a lot more, especially because the fossil fuel industry is

  1. Finite
  2. Is the #1 cause of global warming and pollution
  3. Bad for health

Investing in renewable will create more jobs in creating these turbines, panels, etc, so what are we waiting for?

Do Waves transfer energy?

Yes, kinetic into whatever else.

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