How To Start A Community Garden?

How To Start A Community Garden?

You may have heard the words Community Garden at some point in your life?but what exactly is it? And how can I get involved? Finding a Community garden near me is not always the easiest thing. These often rely on word of mouth, and sometimes it can be awkward attending things which are not obvious they are open to new members.In some areas there are also Community garden grants that are available, to help the club grow and gain new members, tools and equipment. 

How to start a community garden?

  1. Start simple: Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start with some plants that are easy to grow and have great results, think sunflowers, tomatoes, and beans.
  2. Say yes: People will have ideas, and others will have more experience, so if somebody is offering an opinion, it is good to hear them out and take their advice on board.
  3. Have fun! The whole point of a community garden is to have fun, so try and enjoy it!

Garden communities are a very relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere. It becomes something beyond the plants, and you can make friends from all different walks of life. These gardens are also the most effective in cities, where people may not have access to a garden, or live in a condo building. Getting into nature is proven to help people’s mental health and is a great way to unwind. 

community garden
community garden

Benefits of community gardens

Community gardens NYC, and gardening is proven to improve mental health and general wellbeing, as well as that it can even b a form of gentle exercise . the community aspect is also fab because it promotes socialising, and having a laugh with fellow gardeners. Working together on the same project also improves communication skills, teamwork and more, so it really is a win win. And if this was not enough, you also get to grow some beautiful crops, flowers or fruit which can then be used, eaten or harvested. 

What is a community garden?

A community garden can be a plot of land where everybody gets involved in one garden, and all mucks in together. Some community garden are allotment based, and allow the individual or groups to rent a plot to themselves. Both options still have a great community, and the latter can be useful if you are wanting to have a sort of, solo project of sorts. 

Community garden ideas 

There are a lot of fun and interesting things about gardening. One is that it is constantly changing with the seasons, and the weather so keep that in mind! Another thing about community gardening is that it has to still feel fun and relaxing and not too much like hard work. This being said, we have some ideas to spice up the time!

1: Sunflower competition – Have a  sunflower growing competition. Whoever grows the tallest sunflower, wins!

2: Chilli Competition – Have everyone grow the same type of chilli. Whoever has the hottest chilli wins

3: Produce Contests – If you grow fruit in your community garden, see who can make the best foodstuff from it. Jam, Cakes, Preserves, it’s all there. 

Community Garden Near Me

Urban Community Farm

If you are reading this from further afield, there are also gardens country wide, and some great people involved in their local community scheme. 


  • Community Gardens Chicago
  • Kansas City community gardens
  • DC Community Gardens 

Community Gardens can also be a brilliant way to make money. Producing artisan products can be the way forward into making it big, and making some cash on the side from your hobby. Think about making Jam, Wine, Cakes… or whatever you can think of that would grow well where you are!

Another thing you could make would be Honey. A lot of Community gardens love to have a hive nearby, it means bumper crops! Talk to your neighbors and check that they don’t mind before bringing the hive along. We also have an article on urban beekeeping if this is the thing for you.